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Happy Happy Birthday – One Year Old!

Yep! This little girl has only been around the sun one time but she has won the hearts of he beautiful mom and two amazing brothers. Take a look at her beautiful birthday celebration.



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Why I love photography

This is what photography means to me….it’s all about making people feel special, beautiful, important, and making sure they have an amazing experience. I don’t want my photography to just be a bunch of snapshot that will be stuffed in a drawer…The images need to be something that you just can’t get out of your […]

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Tiffany – New Beginning, New Life, New Joy…Knoxville photographer saves maternity memories

Several months ago Tiffany contacted me about doing her maternity portraits…in our conversation I suggested that we get together ever six week and create a college of images for her to remember this special time in her life.  I was so excited when she loved the idea. So we started on this journey of watching […]

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Long Ago and Far Away….

Perhaps James Taylor said it best…
Where do those golden rainbows end?
Why is this song so sad?
Dreaming the dreams
I’ve dreamed my friend,
Loving the love I love
Photography helps me stay in touch with the past, enjoy the present, and save memories for the future. I love these memories of long ago and far away…and because we took […]

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