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Saving those special moments with professional photography.

It’s been nearly two years now since I had the joy of meeting Heather. Hard to believe that time has gone so quickly. She first came to the studio with a friend of her’s just to see what a photo session in a professional studio was all about. She must have had a good first […]

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Fun Portrait Sessions at the Studio with Amanda

Who would have thought that turning a char on it back and sitting a lovely person in that flipped chair could have been so much fun. Hey, I’m willing to try most anything to create something different and if it’s a fun experience for the person I’m photographing. 

So I think I’ll try some more unconventional […]

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Bella’s First Pageant……

I had the joy of meeting Bella’s mom and dad a few months ago when I did mom’s maternity photography when she was expecting Bella’s little brother. We just hit it off from the very first session. I’ve been documenting their family for almost a year now..it’s been so joyful to watch and save their […]

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Erin brings Sunshine to the Studio | Knoxville wedding, beauty, family and maternity photography

I had the joy of meeting Erin last night at the studio…this lady is just a ray of sunshine. From the moment she walked into the studio until she left she was just all smiles and happiness. She was so excited about her shoot, she brought enough cloths to supply a small boutique..LOL..and we did […]

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