Family Portraits …Family History Saved for Generations to Come


Why are family photos so important? I mean, I have lots of photos of my family and friends in my phone why would I need to take the time to go to a studio for photographs and then hang prints for my walls? Aren’t the photos in my phone good enough?


My first thought about why they are important leads me to several thoughts. I love looking through old photos from my families times together..I guess you could say that photos are my connection with the past. Additionally, they give my children and grandchildren a connection with the generations that they are connected with. Photos show me the big picture of where I’ve come from and the wonderful people who came before me. Memories are so powerful, yet they fade over time…my family photos connect me with the wonderful people places and feelings that I’ve walked through during my life.



I Love taking photos with my phone…like you there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t take a few photos and share them with friends and family. Have you noticed though that after a few days you seldom look back on those photos? I enjoy the Facebook memory thing where they daily remind me a photo that I posted years before. Those images never fail to bring a smile and a good memory. But, when I hang them on my walls I have a constant reminder of how great family really is.


Though I love looking at images on my phone…. There’s just something about holding a print in my hands…it’s a feeling that I never get holding the same photos in my phone. Having an image printed, matted, framed and then hanging it in our homes is a constant reminder of the wonderful life that we are a part. When times get stressful I can always go to that image and remember sweeter times. That print is a daily reminder of the big picture I call family and life. And though we don’t like to think about the brevity of life, there will come a time when these prints are priceless, a treasure that you will never let go of.


This families is about to have some great portraits hanging on the walls of their home; Portraist that will make their memories last forever..…give me a call this week and let’s save some memories for you and your family.