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Family Portraits …Family History Saved for Generations to Come

Why are family photos so important? I mean, I have lots of photos of my family and friends in my phone why would I need to take the time to go to a studio for photographs and then hang prints for my walls? Aren’t the photos in my phone good enough?

My first thought about why […]

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A Beautiful couple rides their Harley Davidson to the studio for Portraits – Knoxville Couples and Motorcycle Photography

I could hear them coming up the drive to the studio….you know that sweet deep sound of a Harley, no other bike sounds that way. He had just washed and waxed this fact when he got off the bike the first thing he did was pull our his polishing rag and gave his baby […]

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New Hair and Makeup Artist at the studio…..

Hair and Makeup are one of those parts of a beauty and glamour photo session that just can not be overlooked. Every session at the studio is special and everyone deserves the very best from every part of the shoot. This is exactly why I’ve been searching, watching, listening and asking questions about hair and […]

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