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Happy Happy Birthday – One Year Old!

Yep! This little girl has only been around the sun one time but she has won the hearts of he beautiful mom and two amazing brothers. Take a look at her beautiful birthday celebration.



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Miscarriage….the loss of an angel.

A year ago she was so excited about the coming of her beautiful daughter. She was making plans. Glowing with happiness, and looking forward to coming months. But then something went wrong and she not only lost the little angel but she also lost her joy. She knew her meeting this little girl would now […]

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Elizabeth and Andrew’s home is growing…Photography of their beautiful Newborn son.

Their family is on the grow! Two little feet at a time.

Andrew and Elizabeth are creating a beautiful family that will be an inspiration to so many people. They have already lead amazing adventures over the past few years…living in the Caribbean and traveling to amazing places. They love the outdoors, people, and living one […]

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Twice the newborn fun…portraits of the twins.

It wasn’t long ago that Rhiannon and Frank booked into the studio for their maternity portraits…and I can’t forget their son Roman….he kept the entire session hopping, and full of laughs. Then what just seemed a few short weeks later…( I’m sure that Rhiannon will correct me on that.) the twins arrived and they […]

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