Monthly Archives: June 2016

Bella Roma Pizza Maryville, TN

Tried a new Pizza place in Maryville last night. Bella Roma. Without a doubt the best pizza I’ve had in Tennessee. The crust was filled with flavor. The meat and veggies on top were crisp and fresh. And the cheese and sauce just melted in my mouth. And to top it all off the service […]

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Listening to Jimmy Buffett and Photography………

I try to go to the carribean a couple of times a year just to unwind and pull it all back together. My favorite way to travel is on a Royal Carribean mega ship….ya go to sleep at night and wakeup in an amazing location filled with adventure. I think one of my favorite places […]

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It’s a cool, rainy, windy night…she’s alone in her room when all at once a light comes beaming through the windows. Her heart begings to race….stories fill he mind as to what this person may be doing in her driveway. Is it danger? Is it a friend? Is it just someone turning around in the […]

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