Monthly Archives: January 2010

Visiting Union Station in Nashville Tennessee

While attending PPA in Nashville, I made a bit of a side trip to visit downtown Nashville…and of course I had to make a stop into Union Station. I’m so thankful that the city decided not to distory this beautiful landmark. When my dad was very young and heading off to serve in the AirForce […]

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“Hey! We’re a mile away…put on the brownies….

The phone rang…it was my oldest daughter Rebecca. “Are you guys busy? …. Great, Jeff, the boys and I are just a mile away and we have a gallon of ice-cream. You guys put on the brownies.” I’m so bless to have such a wonderful family. Max wanted to go down to the game room […]

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Hot Diggity Dog… amazing place to eat.

While in Nashville for PPA Kortney and I decided to take a road-trip over to photographer’s toy story — Durry’s — just an amazing place to visit.
We spent time browsing and buying toys that we just couldn’t live with…we stayed there until our wallets were screaming, “enough, enough!!!”. After an adventure like that we really […]

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Emily’s about to be a grad…..

Phone rang the other night and it was Emily asking if I had time to create some senior portraits to use in her school yearbook. I told her that Expressions is always ready to create amazing photos for her. So we set up a time to meet and the game was on….we had a super […]

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