Choosing a Professional Photographer to Save Your Special Moments

Expressions provides a unique illustrative style of photography and custom album designs. From the very first meeting to the viewing our your images, we want you to have an awesome experience.  We have a passion for photography, and it’s our hope that it shows in our work. We take great pride in our work, and when our team arrives we will blend in and document your special event as it happens. Our goal at your event is to catch you with your family and friends in a comfortable, real way without a lot of prompting or posing.Expressions Photography is committed to providing top quality, outstanding photographs with the highest level of personal, friendly, and reliable service that is second to none.

Simply put, we are totally committed to providing you with uncompromising quality.

It’s really important to know your photographer so that you can have confidence in his style and skills. It’s been said that I am totally consumed in creating artful images that help you save the amazing moments of your life for future generations. It’s true..I confess,  I’m very Passionate about creating beautiful artful images through photography.  I’m a professional photographer and established Expressions Photography for one purpose, to provides lifestyle photography to capture your special moments. My style blends together photojournalist, candid, glamour, fashion and the best of the traditional photography to ensure you get the photographs you want. I strive  to be different than all the rest by taking wedding and portrait photography to new levels of beauty and passion. It’s so exciting know that I am privileged to capture amazing couples and families enjoying life and saving those memories for generations to come.

Exciting, Emotional, Exhilarating, Extraordinary — Expressions!


When choosing a professional photographer for your wedding, family, maternity, newborn, and beauty photography please ask question to make sure you are dealing with a seasoned professional who is highly skilled to produce the images that you will treasure for years to come. Here are a few things to consider and ask about:

  • Ask to see samples of albums they have created
  • How many weddings and portrait sessions do they shoot a year
  • How long have they been in business
  • Ask for three different references from the past two years
  • What products do they offer…prints, canvas, albums, custom albums
  • Do they print their own images
  • Are images professionally matted and ready for framing when delivered
  • How long before you can see your images
  • What’s the plan if there’s some sort of emergency and the lead photographer can’t get to the wedding
  • What professional training do they have
  • What industry organizations do they support and belong to (WPPI, PPA..etc)
  • Do they have a professional studio

Those are just a few of the things to keep in mind. Remember your wedding photography and portraits are going to last for generations…make sure you make a wise decision.




Knoxville Maternity Photography – Rhiannon and Frank

What a fantastic night in the studio.

Last night I had the joy of photographing Rhiannon and Franks’s current and future family. Their home is about to grow by FOUR feet!!! Yep they are having TWINS; a beautiful little girl and little guy. They are so very excited and you’ll see and feel that excitement in their images. 

I know you’ll enjoy looking through their maternity portraits. 

Knoxville wedding, maternity, family and beauty photography.
Knoxville wedding, maternity, family and beauty photography.
Knoxville wedding, maternity, family and beauty photography.
Knoxville wedding, maternity, family and beauty photography.

Knoxville wedding, maternity, family and beauty photography.

Winter Adventure 2015

It’s been an exciting week here in East Tennessee. We’ve experenced some of the coldest temperature in the history of the state. It all stated on Sunday evening when a large winter storm took aim at the southeastern part of the US. By that evening ice had replaced the falling rain and started accumalating on everthing, from roads to rooftops the covering had begun. We weren’t too concerned, after all the pantry was full, the wood pile was covered and we were warm….but all of that changed rather quickly.

We woke Monday morning to a blanket of ice, trees bowing to mother nature and limbs falling on power lines.

 By noon we had lost power. But still we weren’t too worried because we always loose power at the least little thing and the power company has us back on within a few hours. We just fired up the wood stove, put on the coffee and watched a movie on the laptop…all was good. But by the end of the 1st day without power and Alcoa Electric company not responding to phone calls we knew this outage was going to be different. 

Beginning of day two….the reserve water tank is empty and we are waterless.

 Thankfully we have a gas cooktop so I started breaking up ice and melting it so we had water to cook with and to flush the toilets with…once again we felt safe and secure…after all we have food, water, shelter and a great woodstove to keep us warm. Toward the end of day two we realized that the stuff in the refrigerator was going to ruin if we didn’t doing some cooking…so we had another task to fill our time. After empting the icebox I realized that it was really really cold out in the garage…sooooo…we boxed up everything that we didn’t want to cook and took it out to the garage where the temp was just above freezing…..we now had a 1500 sq foot refrigerator, it just doesn’t get any better than that. 

Once we finished cooking dinner we really needed a movie but as you know we didn’t have any power….or did we. I went down to the studio and pulled out one of the Paul Buff battery packs that I use on location shoots. I hooked the pack up to the laptop and we were set for another evening of movies and entertainment.  The battery packed was great, not only did it power the computer but also charged our phone and a small lamp. 

Wow, who knew photography gear was good for things other than creating great portraits on locations.

Day three of no electricity or running water… got reallly cold last night and so I needed to make the fire hotter in the wood stove…the pups and I ventured out to gather wood and see that the road looked like. On Monday I had parked one of the cars at the top of hill so that we’d not be completely trapped if the weather got worse than expected. I was hoping that the county would scrape and treat the roads so we could maybe get out….to my delight I discovered that the road had been treated and slow careful driving out was actually possible. We invited ourselves over to our daughter’s home for a much needed shower and a hot bowl of chili. After a great visit we headed back to the house. When we arrived in our neighborhood we discovered the power workers were working on the lines, they told us that the power may be restored in a few hours….what a relief …power was going to come back.

To Freeze or Not to the that is the question……..

We were awakened in the wee hours of the morning to lights and the sound of the TV as the power came back on….wow…TV never sounded so wonderful.  We still didn’t have water because the lines from the well were frozen…but I also knew that I had a heat lamp in the well house and that soon the lines would thaw…so I went to bed happy to have electric and to know that in the moring the water would flow again. But unknow to me durring the storm a huge limb had fallen under the weight of the ice and had disconnected the cord that powered the heat lamp…so when I woke there was still no water.

I walked up to the well house to find why the light had not come on….after moving the limb and freeing the cord from the snow and ice I was able to reconnect the light and get the heat flowing to the pipes. It took about 4 hours for the lines to thaw…but once they thawed the water flowed. Oh the joys of water! Have you ever thought about everything water does for us…OMG.

By this time I realized I really need to feed and water the chickens………so I ventured out into the cold again., wedding, maternity, family and beauty photography

I know you’re asking yourself what in the world does a hammer have to do with feeding chickens…..well take a look at the water bucket…I had to break through over 6 inches of ice to get down to the water so I could give the chickens a drink.

It’s kinda funny, for a few weeks the girls had only been leaving me a couple of eggs a day so on Sunday morning I’d told them that if they didn’t start doing their job I was going to put them in the freezer…LOL…the next day the big freeze happened and the girls have been giving me 7 eggs each day since…LOL..guess they thought I wasn’t kidding and got busy. Or, maybe they just shivered so hard the things just popped out. LMBO. 

This morning we woke to the heater not working because it’s totally frozen…but I’m sure in a day or so that will thaw and we’ll be back to whatever normal is. The temp is supposed to reach 42 today and rain…that sure would help thaw things out a bit.

Fingers crossed that the thaw will come soon…after all spring is less than 30 days aways.

Engagement Photo Session with Roxanne and Matthew….

Anytime you put together a chemistry major and a mechanical engineering major you can be assured of some wonderful things being created. In the case of Roxanne and Matthew they have put together the perfect formula for a happy ever after life together. On Saturday we spent some time walking around the city of Knoxville, getting to know each other and creating some wonderful images to celebrate their recent engagement.

This is only the beginning … over the next few months leading up to their wedding we’ll be getting together to create more great images of them celebrating their love leading up to thier fantastic wedding on August 2nd at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee. I’m so excited about all the great shoots we are going to have together. 

Here are a few of the images we snapped on Saturday….be sure and bookmark our blog and watch for more images telling their story.

Best Knoxville Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography

Best Knoxville Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography

Best Knoxville Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography
Best Knoxville Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography
Best Knoxville Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography
Best Knoxville Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography

No doubt these two are deeply in love. I’m really looking forward to many more photo sessions together as we tell their story of happiness and love. Wedding photography is some of the most exciting and chalenging photography that I have the honor of doing. In addition to wedding photography I also love creating family portraits, saving those special maternity photos, and of course those speial sessions with the kids. Give Expressions a call today and let’s set up your time for an exciting experience at the studio. 

Wedding Celebration ~ Crystal & Andrew Together Forever!

I met Crystal several years ago while she was a student at the University of Tennessee. I remember that she loved taking great photos and because of that love for photography she took several of the Photoshop classes that I was teaching at the time. When she graduated from the university she took a few years to travel around the world and experience new places, meet new friends and to do everything she knew how to be helpful to everyone she met. I loved following her web page as she posted images of her travels and told stories of the adventures she was having.

A while back she contacted me and gave me the fantastic news that she was engaged to a super guy named Andrew.. and that she wanted to know if I’d be able to photograph her wedding day. I checked the calendar and the rest is history. Last Saturday I had the honor of being part of this wonderful celebration as two people who care deeply for each other and who’s love goes beyond imagination were united in marriage. Crystal and Andrew arrived at the church that day two separate people and left as a family starting on an adventure like neither of them had ever known.

It was so wonderful watching these two families come together to celebrate two lives that had been drawn together in love. The place was filled with family and friends, celebrating together this magical day…here is just sixty seconds of their wonderful day…but I know you’ll feel the love and joy of the day as you enjoy a few of their images.

When you have a need for wedding, maternity, family, and beauty photography we are ready to capture all your special moments. We would love to hear about your dreams and plans and work with your to create a collection of images to tell your story. Give us a call today and let’s set up a time to meet at the studio….I can’t wait to meet you.