Proposal and Engagement…the beginning of a family.




Knoxville Photographer creates Beautiful Black and White Portraits

There’s just something timeless about a black and white print. Whatever location I hang it, the image just looks great in the room. I decided to shoot and print in black and white long before it was the popular thing to do….simply because I loved the look of the images.

So what do you think? Do you prefer black and white or do you still love color more? Love to hear your thoughts.




I would love to have you into the studio very soon to create some black and white portraits that will tell the story of the amazing person you are.

Moments with Mom and New Daughter

Moments between mother and daughter will never be forgotten because this mom took the time to come to the studio and have professional portraits created.

Everyone Deserves to feel Beautiful…..Knoxville

She’s a Mom, a Wife, a person who loves celebrating life.


The value of great portraits is so underestimated. These images are priceless…one day many years from now her children will want to know what mom looked like when she was younger…and because she put so much value on having professional portraits created they will know exactly how beautiful mom was then and now.

Not only is it important to have professional portraits created on a regular basis…it’s the utmost importance to make sure you are having those images printed and framed and displayed in your home. Who knows what the future holds for our digital photos…but one thing for sure a professionally printed portrait will last for generations. The company I buy my printing paper from tells me it’s rated for 300 years…now I won’t be around to hold them to their word but I’m confident that my prints will far out last all my digital files.