Bella Roma Pizza Maryville, TN


Tried a new Pizza place in Maryville last night. Bella Roma. Without a doubt the best pizza I’ve had in Tennessee. The crust was filled with flavor. The meat and veggies on top were crisp and fresh. And the cheese and sauce just melted in my mouth. And to top it all off the service was fantastic….this place is just a Five Star winner. It’s just a little place on the side of 411 South really easy to miss but this is a place you really need to try.


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Listening to Jimmy Buffett and Photography………

I try to go to the carribean a couple of times a year just to unwind and pull it all back together. My favorite way to travel is on a Royal Carribean mega ship….ya go to sleep at night and wakeup in an amazing location filled with adventure. I think one of my favorite places is San Juan….there is enough beauty and wonder on that island to spend weeks and weeks exploring. I need to write a post about that city….think I’ll do that next.

I love getting off the ship and just wondering around the different ports and seeing how that part of the world lives. I have to admit that there have been areas of the different ports that I felt a bit uneasy about going into but I guess that’s true about any city. One of the cool things about going to different places like this is capturing some of the moments I experience. And somehow a little bit of the culture seems to rub off on me when I walk the streets.

Jimmy said it best “These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes;

Nothing remains quite the same.
Through all of the islands and all of the highlands,
If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane”

Island girl. Creative Professional Photography in Knoxville, Tennessee
Island girl. Creative Professional Photography in Knoxville, Tennessee


Roan and I had a great time at the studio listening to Jimmy B and creating some different looks that took me back to the island… was relaxing and refreshing.


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It’s a cool, rainy, windy night…she’s alone in her room when all at once a light comes beaming through the windows. Her heart begings to race….stories fill he mind as to what this person may be doing in her driveway. Is it danger? Is it a friend? Is it just someone turning around in the drive?

Why are they here so late on a night light this……..

Ok…it’s your turn…I’m passing the story on to you……in the comments below you add to the storie….

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Professional Photography: Tennessee and Great Destination

It’s all about people….yep YOU!
Do you realize how special you are? I know, I know…we’re not supposed to think good about ourselves…well the heck with whoever started that story. What’s so wrong with appreciating who we are and how our journey is move forward? I just think everyone has a lot to like / love about themselves. When I’m shooting a portrait sessions….I’m looking for every angle possible to tell a persons story. To show who they are.

Sure, I want to create beautiful images for the people I photograph…but more than anything else I want to show that person in the photo and those who view the images just how wonderful they are. I really want you to know that You ARE Special….and you have some much to offer those around you.


So what’s the goal in my photography? For me, the goal is to create images that will tell a persons story, help them know just how important they are…and to print images that generation to come will be able to see their story and appreciate that story.

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