Choosing a Professional Photographer to Save Your Special Moments

Expressions provides a unique illustrative style of photography and custom album designs. From the very first meeting to the viewing our your images, we want you to have an awesome experience.  We have a passion for photography, and it’s our hope that it shows in our work. We take great pride in our work, and when our team arrives we will blend in and document your special event as it happens. Our goal at your event is to catch you with your family and friends in a comfortable, real way without a lot of prompting or posing.Expressions Photography is committed to providing top quality, outstanding photographs with the highest level of personal, friendly, and reliable service that is second to none.

Simply put, we are totally committed to providing you with uncompromising quality.

It’s really important to know your photographer so that you can have confidence in his style and skills. It’s been said that I am totally consumed in creating artful images that help you save the amazing moments of your life for future generations. It’s true..I confess,  I’m very Passionate about creating beautiful artful images through photography.  I’m a professional photographer and established Expressions Photography for one purpose, to provides lifestyle photography to capture your special moments. My style blends together photojournalist, candid, glamour, fashion and the best of the traditional photography to ensure you get the photographs you want. I strive  to be different than all the rest by taking wedding and portrait photography to new levels of beauty and passion. It’s so exciting know that I am privileged to capture amazing couples and families enjoying life and saving those memories for generations to come.

Exciting, Emotional, Exhilarating, Extraordinary — Expressions!


When choosing a professional photographer for your wedding, family, maternity, newborn, and beauty photography please ask question to make sure you are dealing with a seasoned professional who is highly skilled to produce the images that you will treasure for years to come. Here are a few things to consider and ask about:

  • Ask to see samples of albums they have created
  • How many weddings and portrait sessions do they shoot a year
  • How long have they been in business
  • Ask for three different references from the past two years
  • What products do they offer…prints, canvas, albums, custom albums
  • Do they print their own images
  • Are images professionally matted and ready for framing when delivered
  • How long before you can see your images
  • What’s the plan if there’s some sort of emergency and the lead photographer can’t get to the wedding
  • What professional training do they have
  • What industry organizations do they support and belong to (WPPI, PPA..etc)
  • Do they have a professional studio

Those are just a few of the things to keep in mind. Remember your wedding photography and portraits are going to last for generations…make sure you make a wise decision.




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Timeless Images: Portraits and Photos I love over and over again


Being a professional photographer I have thousands of images in my collections. I’ve had the joy of photographing lots of beautiful portraits, weddings, family events and special moments. But there are just some images that are timeless…they never seem to grow old…I find myself going back to them over and over again; and each time I do it’s like reconnecting to an old friend…they are as beautiful and exciting to look at and enjoy as they were the very frist time.

Travel photography, Australia


You know the images I’m talking about. The ones you just can’t stop thinking about. It’s like that song you get stuck in your head and it keeps playing over and over…LOL…These beautiful and timeless images are just New everytime we see them. It’s those images that you keep going back to time and time again and they are as beautiful as the frist time you saw them.

I see you thinking, remembering, experiencing those special moments….you know…you know exactly what I’m talking about. It may be a portrait of a parent, a photo of a special moment you experienced. The image may even be a photo of yourself that reminds you of just how special you really are. What’s that special photo or photographs you just keep going back to? I’d love to hear your story about your favorite images…tell me about them below in the comments.

Whatever that special moment is that was captured in those images that you just can’t forget….those memories..those moments…those people, you will never ever forget.

There’s a story behind every image. When people come to the studio and walk through the gallerey I can’t help but to tell them a few of the stories behind the images hanging on the walls. It’s so much fun to see the images come alive to people as they look and the stories are told.

I’m sure it’s the same with your photos…you look at them and they are so special and bring a special memory back and help you relive the joy once again. But when others look at them they have no idea of the story and so they may not seem as special but that’s ok…this just gives you an opportunity to share your story with them and enjoy reliving the moments.

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Over the next few weeks I think I’m going to post some of my images and tell you the stories behind them. I hope you enjoy them as you learn their stories and why they have become timeless to me.

Click the contact button at the top of the page and send us a note so that we can set a time to have you into the studio and create some timeless memories and make sure that they last forever. See you soon.

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Photographing that Little Person you Love so Much…

This time of the year I see so many fun photos of little kids heading back to school…it so much fun watching all the different smiles and cool outfits and to see the excitment in their eyes. I was thinking this would be a perfect time to share some thoughts on taking super photos of those little folks.

Don’t worry you don’t have to have a fantastic camera to create super images…if fact the camera I’m shooting with everyday is my iPhone…hey I have it with me all the time and with the fantastic apps that are avaliable today you can have a blast creating very cool images.

Here are a few simple things to help you take better images of your kids:

  • Look at the background and make sure there’s nothing growing out of their heads; like a tree or a sign post.
  • Always get down to the childs eye level.
  • Get them laughing and having fun by telling a joke, making a crazy sound or just doing something funny…but have that camera ready to snap those great expressions.
  • The picture doesn’t just have to be about the child…get in there with them, include the brothers and sisters, or even their favorite pet.
  • Make sure the face is clean…watch that runny nose..LOL.
  • Don’t shoot under trees or next to a bright colored building because the colors of the leaves will make your kids turn green..or they’ll pick up the colors of the house.
  • Watch out for those cute little hats….the front of the hats can cast a harsh shadow over their eyes. Just push it back on their heads or even turn it sideways for a fun look.
  • May you could work a yardstick into the photos to help you rmember how tall or short they were on that special day.
  • When looking for a place to photograph them…look for white walls and light colored sidewalks that will help reflect light on to them.

I know you’re photographing all the time with your phones so here are a few of my favorite apps:

  • Snapseed
  • Hipstamatic
  • Photoblend
  • Halftone
  • Camera Plus
  • Pixlr
  • SnipSnap
  • 100 Camera
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

I hope some of these ideas have been helpful. When you are ready for some fun creative images I’d love to get you and your family booked into the studio. Our goal is to make your memories last a life time. Click the contact button above, drop is a note and let’s set up a time to chat. I’m looking forward to meeting you very soon.

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Miscarriage….the loss of an angel.

A year ago she was so excited about the coming of her beautiful daughter. She was making plans. Glowing with happiness, and looking forward to coming months. But then something went wrong and she not only lost the little angel but she also lost her joy. She knew her meeting this little girl would now be delayed unto a later time in heaven; but saying good-bye is never easy for any of us.

She came to the studio with some beautiful little angel wings, it was with these wings we remembered this lost little angel and helped her say good-bye. She remembered, reminisced, and released this little lift she’ll have to wait to meet.

Here’s what she said about the shoot; “sometimes it’s hard to understand when it’s words, but this shoot put a face on my stages of giving my child back to God. Truth is, life gets easier to live but no matter what, everyday she is remembered. This shoot meant a lot me, I felt like I needed to tell my story.”

The following clip is a short story of Blair dealing with her loss and the emotions that came along with that loss. I’ll be really honest with you here it’s not an easy topic to watch, think about or maybe even remember. But as we shot in the studio that day and she as able to express some feelings that she had trapped inside, feelings that she really needed to deal with.

Photographer can do much more than capture beautiful images and memories…but sometimes it can help people deal with suppressed issues, bring them to surface and then let them go.

This was a session that was way outside my comfort zone but when Blair told me her story and asked if we could do the shoot I knew in my heart that I really needed to do this. I can’t help but believe that there are other people in the world that may be looking for a release…if you want to chat about your special photography session I’d love to hear from you.

Please feel free to leave comments below…I’d love to know if this short article caused you to think about some things. Thanks for your time.

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Elizabeth and Andrew’s home is growing…Photography of their beautiful Newborn son.

Their family is on the grow! Two little feet at a time.

Newborn Photography

Andrew and Elizabeth are creating a beautiful family that will be an inspiration to so many people. They have already lead amazing adventures over the past few years…living in the Caribbean and traveling to amazing places. They love the outdoors, people, and living one fantastic adventure at a time. A few months ago they contacted me about photographing their maternity and family photos and then with their new son arrived they brought him to the studio for his first portraits. This little guy was just amazing during the entire shoot…the strobes were flashing, music was playing, we were talking…and running around the room but he just snoozed and we kept creating images.

Newborn and Family Photography

Family times are so important, and saving those memories in print is really important too. So many images just end up on a computer hard drive or on a USB drive laying at the bottom of a drawer, never to be seen by family and friends. It’s so important to print your images and not just let them survive as digital files. We provide in studio printing to make it easy for you to display your images. The portraits are printed on beautiful heavy archival paper that is rated to last 300 years. (not sure I’ll be around for that long…but it’s nice to know that geneerations to come will enjoy them.) When you pick up your prints from our studio they are matted in archival mats and ready for you to put in to your favorite frame. In fact we will even frame your prints for you if you prefer. We are will to do anything to make sure that your beautiful prints are hanging on the walls of your home and daily reminding you of what a fantastic family you have.

It’s time for your family portraits. Call the studio today and let get you and you family stated on a plan to save all your special memories.Professional photography provided by Expressions will make your memories last a lifetime.

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