Professional Photography: Tennessee and Great Destination

It’s all about people….yep YOU!
Do you realize how special you are? I know, I know…we’re not supposed to think good about ourselves…well the heck with whoever started that story. What’s so wrong with appreciating who we are and how our journey is move forward? I just think everyone has a lot to like / love about themselves. When I’m shooting a portrait sessions….I’m looking for every angle possible to tell a persons story. To show who they are.

Sure, I want to create beautiful images for the people I photograph…but more than anything else I want to show that person in the photo and those who view the images just how wonderful they are. I really want you to know that You ARE Special….and you have some much to offer those around you.


So what’s the goal in my photography? For me, the goal is to create images that will tell a persons story, help them know just how important they are…and to print images that generation to come will be able to see their story and appreciate that story.

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Pulling the Mind and Heart Together……

I wrote just yesterday some of the reasons I love photographing people. But the more I think about it the more I realize that I just love shooting. It doesn’t matter if its a simple moment on the street, a simple portrait in a beautiful country side, an old building that’s falling in, a glamour portrait, or a creative project…it just doesn’t matter…I just LOVE creating images.

Why? I thought a lot about that over the past few days…it’s something that I feel inside me, it’s a driving force that I just can’t ignore. I have to shoot. I have to create. I think it has a great deal with the satisfaction I get from seeing the joy and excitement that people express when they see their images for the first time. I get goosebumps just thinking about it as I write this little article…I know, its sound all mushy and stuff…LOL..I guess it is kinda mushy..but I honestly do love helping people see just how beautiful they are. Life around us just seems to crowed in sometimes and distracts our attention away from what really is important….I hope that the images I create will help people slow down if only for a moment and realize how special they really are.


There are few things in my life that I must do…not to do them would tear me apart….
Creating Beautiful Images
…is at the top of that list.

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Why I love photography

This is what photography means to me….it’s all about making people feel special, beautiful, important, and making sure they have an amazing experience. I don’t want my photography to just be a bunch of snapshot that will be stuffed in a drawer…The images need to be something that you just can’t get out of your head. I want the images to be so special to you that you’ll want to hang them on your walls to remind you over and over and over again how special and exciting life is.

To me photography is so much more than just creating a few images…it’s a passion…it’s somthing that I must do every single day. It’s that expression I see on peoples faces when I show them their’s that look they give each other, it’s that tear of joy that comes to their eyes, it’s that hug at the end of the session, it’s seeing that person stand just a little bit taller because they realize that the life they are living is worth it all.

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Sisters always bring that something special to the studio……

There’s a special connection between sisters…crazy stunts, fun stories, the looks they give each other, the competition, sharing outfits…..bottom line…there’s just nothing like it…..And no matter how many sister sessions I photograph…there is Always the “ONE” sister…LOL



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