Choosing a Professional Photographer to Save Your Special Moments

Expressions provides a unique illustrative style of photography and custom album designs. From the very first meeting to the viewing our your images, we want you to have an awesome experience.  We have a passion for photography, and it’s our hope that it shows in our work. We take great pride in our work, and when our team arrives we will blend in and document your special event as it happens. Our goal at your event is to catch you with your family and friends in a comfortable, real way without a lot of prompting or posing.Expressions Photography is committed to providing top quality, outstanding photographs with the highest level of personal, friendly, and reliable service that is second to none.

Simply put, we are totally committed to providing you with uncompromising quality.

It’s really important to know your photographer so that you can have confidence in his style and skills. It’s been said that I am totally consumed in creating artful images that help you save the amazing moments of your life for future generations. It’s true..I confess,  I’m very Passionate about creating beautiful artful images through photography.  I’m a professional photographer and established Expressions Photography for one purpose, to provides lifestyle photography to capture your special moments. My style blends together photojournalist, candid, glamour, fashion and the best of the traditional photography to ensure you get the photographs you want. I strive  to be different than all the rest by taking wedding and portrait photography to new levels of beauty and passion. It’s so exciting know that I am privileged to capture amazing couples and families enjoying life and saving those memories for generations to come.

Exciting, Emotional, Exhilarating, Extraordinary — Expressions!


When choosing a professional photographer for your wedding, family, maternity, newborn, and beauty photography please ask question to make sure you are dealing with a seasoned professional who is highly skilled to produce the images that you will treasure for years to come. Here are a few things to consider and ask about:

  • Ask to see samples of albums they have created
  • How many weddings and portrait sessions do they shoot a year
  • How long have they been in business
  • Ask for three different references from the past two years
  • What products do they offer…prints, canvas, albums, custom albums
  • Do they print their own images
  • Are images professionally matted and ready for framing when delivered
  • How long before you can see your images
  • What’s the plan if there’s some sort of emergency and the lead photographer can’t get to the wedding
  • What professional training do they have
  • What industry organizations do they support and belong to (WPPI, PPA..etc)
  • Do they have a professional studio

Those are just a few of the things to keep in mind. Remember your wedding photography and portraits are going to last for generations…make sure you make a wise decision.




Ginnie and Jeffery’s Wedding Day Celebration

The first time I met Ginnie she was little bitty girl not much taller than my knees. When we lived in Florida many years ago we needed someone we could trust to take care of our two girls while we were away at work. I had the great joy of meeting a lady named Donna who had two beautiful girls just like us…she agreed to watch after our girls in our our home and that’s when I met Ginnie and her sister Amber.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about people in my past I remember them as they were when I last saw them. So when Ginnie contacted me about photographing her wedding, I could not believe what a beautiful young woman she had grown into….but not only did I get to meet Ginnie again I was introduced to Jeffery, the guy who had won her heart. And you want to know something really cool? Jeffery is a photographer…we hit it off from the moment we met.

knoxville wedding photography


knoxville wedding photography


Here’s a short little show of their wedding celebration. It was a small intimate wedding where friends and family celebrated the binding of two families into one. I was so thankful to have the opportunity to photography their wedding and save their memories for a lifetime.


wedding photography

Fun Portrait Sessions at the Studio with Amanda

Who would have thought that turning a char on it back and sitting a lovely person in that flipped chair could have been so much fun. Hey, I’m willing to try most anything to create something different and if it’s a fun experience for the person I’m photographing. 

So I think I’ll try some more unconventional uses of furniture at the next portrait session. I wonder what kind of shots we’d get from an upside down sofa and lamp. Hammy….we’ll know at the next session. 

I would sure love to meet you face to face at the studio and have a chat about the fun and creative images that you’d like us to create together. Give me a call today and let’s get you booked in for you memory session.

Their home has grown by two feet….newborn photography

I’ve know Victory and Dustin for a while now and have had the joy of doing several photo session with them. I was so excited when they told me that they were expecting a new addition to their home….but when they asked me to do his newborn portraits I was over joyed. 

Newborn photography at Expressions Photography..StudioONE

Newborn photography at Expressions Photography..StudioONE

Bella’s First Pageant……

I had the joy of meeting Bella’s mom and dad a few months ago when I did mom’s maternity photography when she was expecting Bella’s little brother. We just hit it off from the very first session. I’ve been documenting their family for almost a year’s been so joyful to watch and save their special moments.

A couple of weeks ago Brandi (Bella’s mom) gave me a call saying that she was going to enter Bella into a padgeant and would I do some headshot for her. We got together in our studio with Bella decked out in some really beautiful dresses. I’m not sure who had the most fun..Brandi dressing Bella in beautiful dresses or Bella making funny faces at the camera…LOL…we had such a fun time.  I have the say the hardest part of the shoot for Brandi was choosing 3 or 4 images from the couple of hundred we shot. But after some time we narrowed it down to the three she liked the best.

Yesterday I received a note from Brandi that Bella had a wonderful time in her very first pageant, I asked how she did…here’s what she wrote.

Well she got best photogenic . And overall in beauty  Which are huge deal with the two sashes. She got 2 in overall tot And then Prettiest hair and eyes and dress.  Not to shabby for first competition they said they couldn’t believe she is only 3 she did such a good job … Thanks again for the great photography”

I asked Brandi if she had some photos from the days events that she could share with me. She sent a few snaps that she took during the day…I’m so proud of you Bella. You did a great job.

I think one of my favorite parts of being a professional photographer is having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful families and watching those families grow over the years. When you are ready to have professional family portraits created give us a shout at Expressions. You’ll discover not only beautiful artful images but an experience that will make you feel amazing.

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