Jen & Jason’s Wedding Albums – Making their Wedding Celebration Memories last for Generations to come.

Jen and Jason are so excited about the wedding album we are going to create for them. The album will tell the story of their wedding celebration and the love of family and friends. They have expressed how much they want a really special wedding album that will be a constant reminder of their love for each other and of the love they have from family and friends. Their album will be a beautiful one of a kind leather album that will convey their story of love and family for generations to come.

I know you’re looking for that perfect wedding gift to share with them. A gift that will never stop giving…a gift that will stay with them when all the other gifts are gone. You can help them have this amazing album by gifting them a few spreads in their special album.

Oh, you want to know how you can do this….simple. Decided how many album spreads (two pages) you would like to purchase for them. Write Jen and Jason a speical letter telling them about your excitement for their journey together and how you want to help their story last forever by purchasing a couple of spreads for their album. Then make a check out to Jen and Jason and attach it to the letter you have written. Then on the wedding day bring your letter to the reception and place it in the gift basket on their gift table.

Now wasn’t that easy? And just think, your gift will make their memories of their wedding day last a lifetime. When the album is completed you’ll received a link where you can see their beautiful wedding album online and share in the joys of their magical day with friends and family.





Album Spreads: $50 each.


The examples above are some spreads created from Jen and Jason’s Engagement photos. Their album is 10×10…so each spread that you purchase is 10×20 inches of beautiful memories. Start writing your letter today and help make Jen and Jason’s memories last a lifetime.

If you have any questions at all just click on the contact button above and Expressions Photography will be more than happy to help.








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New Life, Promise & Adventure – Newborn and Family Photography

Gennie’s home just grew by two beautiful feet.

It just seems like yesterday that Gennie was this three foot tall little girl running around my home while her mom was taking care of my daughters while I was at work. It’s just amazing how time files…never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that this little girl would grow up to be such an amazing mom. Sometimes life takes really odd twist and turns but in my experience there is always a glimmer of hope it we only believe and trust.

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Twins in the Studio…..

Twice the fun in the studio. Not one beautiful young lady but TWO. At first it was so hard telling them apart but as the session went by I began to notice very small differences….but I’m guessing these two played some great pranks during their growing up years…LOL.


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Professional Photographer – Why do I create images?

Why do I spend hours and hours of my life created images? I guess it’s because there is nothing else that I can do that bring me this much excitement. It’s that look on the person’s face when they see their image for the first time…the joy…the excitement…the incredible feeling of knowing and seeing just how special they are…I can not imagine going a day without creating something for someone.

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