Creating Portraits with Paige – Knoxville beauty portraits a Creative Experience

Paige wanted to create a new set of images that would tell her story. She had heard about the project I’m doing called Simplicity and wanted to take part. So we set up a time in my studio and got started creating some beautiful images. The Simplicity project grew out of my desire to go back to a simple style of photography. A style that focused on the the person’s beauty, spirit, and life more so than cluttered backgrounds. So, I started restricting myself to One Light, One Gray Background, One Prop, and One Lens…’s really been a huge challenge but the images have just been beautiful. Just goes to show that more is not always best.











You can see more of my simplicity project over on my portfolio site:

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Telling your story……

We all have a story…things that have happened, things that are happening, and things that will happen…and those stories shape us into the person we are and will be. You story is so important, both now and for the generations to come.

I would love to tell your story by creating a beautiful set of portraits that show the world what an amazing person you are. Give me a shout today and let’s set a date.

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San Diego California…Sunset Cliffs…a magic place for Photography


Sunset cliffs San Diego California, Travel Photography by Steve Chastain
Sunset cliffs San Diego California, Travel Photography by Steve Chastain


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Tennessee Wedding Celebration in Wears Valley Tennessee

Two minutes and thirtyseven seconds of memories that Pam and Kyle will never ever forget. Their wedding album is filled with memories that will last them a life time. Take a few moments and celebrate their amazing wedding day memories.


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