Choosing a Professional Photographer to Save Your Special Moments

Expressions provides a unique illustrative style of photography and custom album designs. From the very first meeting to the viewing our your images, we want you to have an awesome experience.  We have a passion for photography, and it’s our hope that it shows in our work. We take great pride in our work, and when our team arrives we will blend in and document your special event as it happens. Our goal at your event is to catch you with your family and friends in a comfortable, real way without a lot of prompting or posing.Expressions Photography is committed to providing top quality, outstanding photographs with the highest level of personal, friendly, and reliable service that is second to none.

Simply put, we are totally committed to providing you with uncompromising quality.

Exciting, Emotional, Exhilarating, Extraordinary — Expressions!


When choosing a professional photographer for your wedding, family, maternity, newborn, and beauty photography please ask question to make sure you are dealing with a seasoned professional who is highly skilled to produce the images that you will treasure for years to come. Here are a few things to consider and ask about:

  • Ask to see samples of albums they have created
  • How many weddings and portrait sessions do they shoot a year
  • How long have they been in business
  • Ask for three different references from the past two years
  • What products do they offer…prints, canvas, albums, custom albums
  • Do they print their own images
  • Are images professionally matted and ready for framing when delivered
  • How long before you can see your images
  • What’s the plan if there’s some sort of emergency and the lead photographer can’t get to the wedding
  • What professional training do they have
  • What industry organizations do they support and belong to (WPPI, PPA..etc)
  • Do they have a professional studio

Those are just a few of the things to keep in mind. Remember your wedding photography and portraits are going to last for generations…make sure you make a wise decision.




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Friendship….the ultimate time for photography

Knoxville Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I was out a couple of weeks ago photographing a beautiful family. While waiting for the trail to clear so we could shoot the next series of portraits I noticed a group of ladies huddled around a trail sign celebrating friendship and the time that they had just spent together. I just couldn’t help myself….I turned the camera on them and grabbed a few shots. It’s not often that I see such a wonderful celebration of friendship and caring, I was so thankful to be there in that moment.

Knoxville Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Knoxville Wedding and Portrait Photographer


Life is short, Break the Rules.
Forgive quickly,
Kiss Slowly.
Love truly.
Laugh uncontrollably
And never regret Anything
That Makes You Smile.
~Mark Twain

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Taylor….Classy, Beauty, Glamour Photography

Taylor is just an amazing lady. She always has a smile and always has something kind to say. She contacted the studio wanting to create something new and dramatic for her portfolio….I know that every photographer has their own likes and dislikes…but for me Black and White exposures are just the best way in the world to show drama.

We started the session off on a dark background with only a couple of lights. I didn’t want to overlight the images because I wanted deep shadows and highlights that jumped off the page. As in all sessions the deeper we got into the session the better the images got. Taylor was just amazing expressing different emotions and feelings….and sure made my job as professional photographer easy.

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Creative Proposal and Engagement Photography Session

engagement and wedding photography in Knoxville Tennessee


Just like you, I’ve seen those creative proposals on youtube where the guy and his friends surprise a beautiful lady with singing, dancing, and storytelling that leads to a beautiful proposal….so when Kaushal called and asked if I would photograph him proposing to his girl and told me about his plans I was so excited. We had several conversation over the phone making sure I understood all the details and to plan all the shots we needed to tell his beautiful story.

The day arrived and everyone was so excited about what was in store for all of them. When I arrived at the location I was blown away by the group of friends that had traveled hours just to help Kaushal make this day amazing and one that he and Binal would never ever forget. Every now and then I get to experience and see what “true” friendship is all about….Kaushal and Binal have some of the most amazing, beautiful and supportive friends I think I’ve ever seen…it was so refreshing to see such great friendship and love these folks had for each other.

The stage was set..they were practicing and getting ready for a moment that would change this couples lives forever.


engagement and wedding photography in Knoxville Tennessee

And the moment they had all been waiting on was about to happen…..they ran and hide inside a giant package on the stage as Binal was being escorted into the area. She watched a short video on a friends phone and then the music and magic began.

The look on her just brought tears to my eyes as she realized what was taking place.

engagement and wedding photography in Knoxville Tennessee
engagement and wedding photography in Knoxville Tennessee

The friends danced their way into her heart and then it happened….

he stepped forward, went down on his knee…

and asked the most important question he would ever ask….

one that would change the history of two peoples lives.

Will you marry me?

engagement and wedding photography in Knoxville Tennessee

I think you know what she said!!!


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Photography Sessions that will make you Smile Forever….beauty, family, wedding, children, maternity

It just doesn’t get any better than this. When you come to the studio for your portrait session I sure hope you’re not expecting to just sit on a stool or stand in front of a dull background and grin like a mule eating briers…..No Way…that’s not even close to what I see as a great portrait. When you come to Expressions Photography’s studio I’m going to do everything possible to photograph the “real” you, your joy, your personality, your smiles, your quite side….I really want your portraits to be a record of who you are at this time in your life.

So, before you come to the studio we’ll have a chat to get to know each other and to help me learn what it is that you love about life. What are you passionate about? What’s your hobbies? What’s your favorite colors? What kind of music do you love? Coffee, Tea, Soda, Water, Wine?  What’s your favorite pet? Would you like to have that pet in your portrait? I really just want to know all about you, and the things that you enjoy. Once I know a few things about you I can prepare for your session and when you arrive the studio will be setup just for you and your session.

I would just love to have you into the studio for a portrait session and create a wonderful collection of portraits to help you remember this time in your life. I have just started a new box collection that a lot of people are falling in love with. It’s a beautiful fabric covered box that contains 15 beautiful printed and matted portrait from your session…the box collection makes a wonderful addition to your living room and because the images are matted, your portraits are protected against damage and they are ready for you to slide into your favorite frame.

Go ahead and pick up that phone and call the studio…let’s chat about your session and all the smiles we will capture. See you soon!


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