Jen and Jason’s Wedding Celebration: Louisville, Kentucky.

Knoxvilles best wedding and portrait photographer


The wedding was a celebration of Life, Love, Family and Friends……

Jen and Jason’s wedding took place in Louisville, Kentucky on a beautiful August Sunday afternoon. People came from all of their world to celebrate with them….and it was a celebration that they will never ever forget.

















 Now this will be fun…..308 images in just three minutes and eight seconds…..So turn up the volume, sit back, relax and enjoy the celebration.

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Wedding Celebration in Wears Valley Tennessee with Pam and Kyle

What a fantastic celebration.
Pam and Kyle were surrounded by lots and lots of family and friends as they celebrated the creation of a new family. There was amazing friendships built, fantastic food, lots of dancing and even a fantastic fireworks show. This was a celebration that they will remember the rest of their lives.

Here’s a short little video to give you a taste of this wonderful celebration.


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Simplicity: Knoxville photographer captures simple, beautiful, portraits

It not about background, lights, props, fancy cloths, amazing hair and makeup….a Simplicity portrait session is about creating a portrait that captures your inner beauty, passion and personality. As a professional photographer I know what true beauty looks like and I know how to capture it.

Have you ever said this…., “I just don’t like the way I look in photos”, “I’m not photogenic”, “I’ve never had a photo taken that I really love.” I challenge you to come and get in front of my camera and trust me to capture the beauty in you that everyone else sees.

You are an amazing person with a beautiful spirit; let’s capture that beauty for generations to come.

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New Beginnings……New Adventures


A few days ago my amazing and talented friend Susan Wall of Susan Wall Photography announced her retirement from being a professional photography. I would be anything but truthful if I didn’t say that my heart sank a bit when I heard the news. You see…I met Susan many years ago at a photography conference on the Gold Coast of Australia….it seemed that we were destined for friendship from the first moment.

Though our families are thousands of miles apart our friendship has continuted to grow. It’s just amazing how technology has enabled people who are on different sides of the world to stay in touch and grow a friendship. Just goes to prove that the world is becoming smaller every year.

I was inspired each week as I watched her photography grow and as I watched her grow stronger as a business person. One of the things that inspired me so much was that she didn’t just come up one day and say “I’m a pro photographer” instead she spent months and months — Years — studying with the best of the best, like Rob and Shirl Heyman, learning what it takes to succeed…but more importantly she took the information she was given, put it into action and became an extreamly successful photographer.

One of her first project that I remember was that of taking a self portrait everyday, not just for one year but for several years….in doing so she learned how to see light and what light does in a portrait. She learned about posing, camera position, and most importantly commitment to a project. Throughout this project she became a better photographer with every push of the shutter button. And as a result of her commitment to this project she became an award winning photographer with the AIPP.




Throughout her time as a professional photographer she touch the lives of hunderds of people and made sure that their memories would last forever. She was always looking for that next creative place where she could create a beautiful portrait. Weather a beautiful hillside, an old barn, or a beautiful tree line road…she always seemed to come up with an image that would impact the lives of her clients and those who saw her work.



One of the many areas where Susan excelled was in maternity and newborn photography. I always enjoyed seeing the images that she created and hearing her tell the stories of different funny things that happened during her sessions. This little slideshow is a collection of just a few of her images that she together several years ago when she was presenting to a class on newborn photography that I was teaching in Knoxville, Tennessee. She made a huge impact of the students that night. As she spoke of her passion for creating beautiful portraits my students became inspired to work even harder.


She and Don have really big hearts and care so much for other. They are without a doubt a perfect example of paying it forward. I’ve watched them over the years reach out to the live of the people on Vanuatu doing everything they could to help a group of people who were less fortunate. I’ve learned from them the importance of giving, caring, and going the extra mile.


I’ve always heard it said that the end of one thing is the beginning of another…..though I will miss Susan’s beautiful photography I am so excited about seeing what the future holds for she and her fantastic family. Susan, I’m so very proud of you and your family, you have been a great influence on so many people. I have loved watching you guys set amazing and what sometimes seemed to be impossible dreams and goals…and then being amazed as you worked together to reach those goals and make your dreams come true.

Thanks for the inspiration, the friendship, and all the crazy conversations. Your future is so very bright and I’m very excited about watching your guys continue to bloom and grow.


Though my heart may have sank just a bit when Susan announced her retirement…..I couldn’t help but dance with joy…because I know she and Don were following there hearts to even greater works than they have ever done. I’m so thankful for the challenge they have laid before us all to always follow our dreams and to never give up hope of the wonderful things to come.


(All photography on this post is that created by Susan Wall or Susan Wall Photography)

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